Services - Educational Institutions  

Workshop for Students

  1. Young Leadership Program
  2. Pre-placement Training
  3. Master 10 Life Skills
  4. DISHA - Goal Setting
  5. Self-Awareness to Self- Confidence
  6. Business Etiquette and Grooming
  7. Resume-Passport to Fly and Mock Interviews
  8. Winning Attitude
  9. Effective Communication
  10. Presentation Skills

Education is a liberating force; it is an ‘Agent of Change’. Educational Institutions are the catalysts of that change. But today, education is up against a challenge, as evident from NASSCOM Report, according to which, hardly 10% of our Graduates are employable in the country.

Giant Step is a bold step towards bridging the existing gap between Education and Industry. We conduct youth empowering and ‘Life transforming Workshops’ on the following topics primarily to help our Students and Faculty learn and master the desirable Life-skills. In other words, it is our top most priority to empower the students by honing their employability skills and developing in them Leadership traits, notwithstanding their brilliant or less brilliant academic credentials:


GiantStep - Effective Leadership